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Very good + 8.75/10
10 lbs 4oz
HSC ('80s Fender)

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** This bass has an Indian Rosewood fingerboard and therefore does not require a CITES certificate for sale/shipment within the EU. Guitars made with Rosewood species listed on CITES Appendix II and EU Annex B do not require an Article 10 Certificate to allow commercial use within the EU. This Bass would need an export certificate for shipment outside the EU. We can supply the export certificate for this bass for 125 on top of the purchase price upon request **

1970 Fender Jazz Bass, Original Sunburst finish over and Alder body, Tortoise guard, Maple neck & Rosewood fingerboard with Pearl block markers. The neck has a 7.25" radius with a thin C profile. Great player with a superb even sound right across the fretboard, very slim and straight neck, good original frets in great condition, all original hardware & electronics, with the exception of the metal pickup and bridge covers which appear to be much newer. Serial number:296258. The case supplied is from a late '70s early '80s Fender. You will notice on the pickgaurd the finger rest is missing and above the E string there are 6 tiny circular marks. It appears a previous owner had moved the finger rest and drilled the holes and then filled them in with correct tortoise shell material. Whoever did the repair/ cover up did an excellent job. The 6 holes are more evident under the guard. There is a small area of body wood removed under the guard by the neck pocket where someone has created a channel to allow a screwdriver easier access to the truss rod (when the guard is removed) Also 2 extra screw holes by the bridge which appear to match up with a Precision bass bridge cover.

The finish is in excellent condition with only a few tiny areas of wear around the edges of the body and headstock. There is no visible buckle rash on the back. The nut appears to be original although on either side there are two small areas ( the width of the nut) where the binding is missing, suggesting someone had at some point removed the nut rather clumsily, perhaps to replace it and then put the original back. All hardware and electronics are in good working order. The pots all date to the 42nd week of 66,(common with Fenders from 66 through to very early 70) the pickups have original winds and are dated 1970.

Fully set up by my technician with a fresh set of strings. Weight 10lbs 4oz. Neck width at nut: 1.458" . At the 12th: 2.130" . Depth at nut: 0.844". At the 12th: 0.892".

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