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1994 Fender Stratocaster Ultra. Excellent condition with a Black finish, maple neck, Ebony fretboard, shell Dot inlays and a Wilkinson nut. It has locking keys and 4 bolt tilt action neck plate. Fender TBX control system for the middle and bridge pickups (see more below) 25.5 scale. Bi-Flex Truss Rod. Beautiful condition, very lightly played all original with OHSC. This was Fender's highest model before the custom shop.

The Fender Stratocaster Ultra was the "crowning act" of the Strat Plus series and was their highest end production model, just under the Custom Shop guitars. They were introduced in 1990 and Fender ended production in 1998. All Ultras will say "Ultra" on the neck plate except for some of the very first produced in 1990.The Ultra features a special wiring system using 4 Lace Sensor pickups. The pickguard comes shielded from the factory.

NECK pickup is a Blue Lace Sensor which has an increased output with the warmer 50's humbucking sound. It delivers a Gibson P-90 type sound.

MIDDLE pickup is a Gold Lace Sensor which delivers a fat 70's single coil sound with increased output and more midrange. Great for those out of phase sound when combined with the neck or bridge pickups.

BRIDGE pickup is a Dually Red Lace Sensor which is two Red Lace Sensors placed side by side. The Red Lace are the hottest output of the Sensor Series, and gives a fat, punchy humbucking output.

Here is how the switch works:

Position #1: The bridge pickup using a 3-way mini-switch. This alone gives several variations, which are really cool. Here is what the "mini-switch" does to the Dually bridge pickup (and remember too, that these settings can be mixed with the other pickups). Up) activates the front bridge pickup which creates a out of phase hollow sound, which then can be mixed with the middle pickups with the 5-way Super Switch. Middle) has the bridge pickups in series creating a hot humbucker sound. Down) activates the back pickup on the bridge to give a single coil sound which mimics the tone of a Telecaster bridge pickup. The distance of the pickups from the bridge creates different tones.

Position #2: The bridge and the middle pickups mixed together, which can get a multitude of Strat out-of-phase tones because of the mini-switch and the TBX tone control.

Position #3: Here is where we part from standard Strat wiring. Instead of just running the middle pickup, this position mixes the neck pickup with the bridge pickup like on any 2 pickup guitars, such as a Telecaster. Again, with the mini-switch you can shape the color of the sound. Full, rich rhythm sounds. And both tone controls are also combined in this position too.

Position #4: Is the neck and the middle combined in an out-of-phase vintage Strat tone.

Position #5: Is totally vintage Strat with just the neck pickup and the middle tone control.

As on all the Plus Series, the Ultra comes with Fender's TBX tone system. The bottom tone control is a stacked set of potentiometers that cuts either treble or bass instead of the standard style of tone that cuts treble only. T (treble) B (bass) X (Cut) thus TBX). When you turn this knob, you can feel a halfway point which is tone neutral. This tone control gives the bridge and middle pickups a unique variety of sounds