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Serial number
JK 333
Excellent + 9/10
9 lbs

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Beautiful 1970 Rickenbacker 4001 bass with a Mapleglo finish. This bass is in excellent condition, its great fun to play and it has that killer Rick tone. The neck is slim compared to most later Rick basses I've played. This is one very fine and rare 4001, being a 21 fret Rickenbacker bass. Paul Boyers book "The Rickenbacker Electric Bass 50 Years as rocks bottom" describes these basses as "The mysterious 21 fretters"

To quote a passage from page 20 in the book directly:

"Nowhere in Rickenbacker catalogs or price lists is there a mention of 4001 basses made with 21 fret fingerboards. Yet from 1969 to '71, an unknown number of them we're made this way. It is not clear if they resulted from special orders or were simply experiments"

The bridge pickup has been rewound by Kent Armstrong, its otherwise all original, including the case. Mapleglo finish, Checkerboard binding & Crushed pearl inlays.The toaster Pickup & lead pickup sound fantastic. The Grover tuners work as they should, nice original white pickgard & clear thumb rest. The neck is clean and straight with only a few small dings on the back, the frets are in great shape with minimal wear. The binding is all intact. A few very minor dings to the body but nothing major.

It's been fully set up by my technician Chris Ward with a fresh set of strings. The Serial number is JK-333 (November1970) The weight is: 9 lbs exactly. Neck dimensions: Width at nut: 1 & 11/16". At the 12th: 2 & 3/32". Depth at 1st fret 1 & 3/64". At the 12th: 7/8".

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Recorded in logic, with as little processing as possible to put across the true sound of the instrument. Use headphones for optimal sound quality