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Serial number
Olympic White
Good 7.75/10
9.4 lbs

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1980 Rickenbacker 4001, all original, Olympic White finish. Includes the original hard shell case.

This Rick shows plenty of play wear. The back of the neck is very smooth as the top layer of finish has mostly worn away. Most of these older White Rickenbackers go a sort of off cream colour through being played in bars/clubs and from exposure to light (and also dirt and sweat !) This particular bass is no exception but having been played a lot there are patches where the guitar shows its original brighter White. This is because the playing wear ( back of neck and some arm rest on the front) has worn the creamier colour away to reveal the original White. There are a few small dings to the finish on both body and headstock. The truss rods work as they should. The action is set nice and low. The frets are in great shape. The hardware shows no rusting. The string mutes are intact.

All electronics and hardware are in good working order with no issues.The Pickups, pots and hardware are all original. The pots date 79, the serial is from January 1980. All in all this Rickenbacker plays & sounds great. This bass is ideal for a collector or player. Fully set up by my technician with a great playing action. Weight 9.4lbs. Serial number: TA 131.

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Recorded in logic, with as little processing as possible to put across the true sound of the instrument. Use headphones for optimal sound quality