What is CITES?

‘CITES’ is short for the ‘Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species’ of Wild Fauna (Like Elephant Ivory) and Flora (Like Brazilian Rosewood).

CITES is an international agreement between governments that came into force in 1975 and set out the law that the commercial import and export of certain species of materials (commonly used in the manufacturing of musical instruments) requires a relevant CITES permit.

Roughly 5,600 species of animals and 30,000 species of plants are protected by CITES against over-exploitation through international trade. (Cites.org)

CITES advice for Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars customers – Musicians, Guitar Buyers and Collectors

In the UK, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is the UK CITES management authority and are responsible for dealing with CITES applications. We have recently received the following information directly from APHA…

Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) is listed on Appendix I of CITES and EU Annex A of the EC Regulations, which means that guitars made with parts from this species require exemption certificates (commonly called Article 10 Certificates) to allow commercial use within the European Union (EU). Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars can supply this certificate for £75 on top of the purchase price on any Guitar.

Guitars made with other Rosewood species listed on CITES Appendix II and EU Annex B do not require an Article 10 Certificate to allow commercial use within the EU.

All guitars made with Rosewood species (Dalbergia spp.) including Brazilian Rosewood will now need Re-export Certificates for trade purposes outside the EU. This certificate is available on request for a fee of £125 GBP on top of the purchase price on any Guitar.

For more information on the CITES legislation and what this means for you, feel free to send us an email at sales@andybaxterbass.com or see the following links…