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1959 Magnatone 260A 2x12 35 Watt amplifier with famous pitch shift vibrato. As used by Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

This amp appears to be all original with the exception of being professionally recovered, converted to UK voltage and having a later footswitch for activating the vibrato.

The 260A features additional preset tone switches to the original 260. The first channel offering Mellow and Normal settings alongside regular volume, bass and treble controls. This vibrato effect works with this channel only. The second channel offers preset normal or bright settings and the same control layout as channel one.

This amp has a great crisp tone from it's original 1959 Oxford speakers. Each stamped with the code 465-947. 465 indentifying their manufacturer as Oxford and 947 denoting the speakers were made in the 47th week of 1959.

This is a superb sounding classic amplifier that is very hard to find in the UK. It has been fully set up by our technician and is in full working order.

Hear Lonnie Mack in action with his Magnatone 260 in 1963 click on the Youtube link below.