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Sims Custom Vintage story board series bass : The 1962 Studio Precision Bass.

Created to emulate a bass made in 1962 and used continuously as an in house recording bass for distinguished Californian recording studio . This bass has been played extensively with the player sat down and shows wear on the inner treble bout of the body and the forearm contour where general sweat and clothing has gently worn away the lacquer over the last 50 years. There is very little wear on the strat button area as the bass hasnít had the need of a strap fitted. The body does show two heavy wear marks on the bottom of the bass where it has spent much of its time sat on a guitar stand and reacted with the cushioning of the standís material.

Bass Spec: 2 piece premium red American Alder body finished in 2 tone Sunburst, nitro cellulose / Genuine Delmar 5ply tortoiseshell on mint pre shrunk pickguard with 30 degree chamfer / Gotoh vintage collection bridge with thread saddles and slotted height adjusting screws and traditional copper earthing strip / Kent Armstrong Vintage Alnico pickups with CTS pots and Jack socket / Premium flame maple C neck with an Ebony fingerboard and clay dots, finished in nitro cellulose / Gotoh vintage collection reverse wind long stalk rivet machine head.

This really is a fantastic bass to play, it oozes P-Bass tone due to fantastic construction, the slab Ebony board and the extremely cool sounding Kent Armstrong pickups. It has been fully set up by my technician Chris Ward. It's very light weighing 8.3 lbs. The neck dimensions are : width at nut: 1 & 3/4". At the 12th: 2 & 1/4". The depth at the nut is: 13/16" and at the 12th: 15/15". It comes supplied with a brand new Hiscox hard case.

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Recorded in logic, with as little processing as possible to put across the true sound of the instrument. Use headphones for optimal sound quality