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Sadowsky USA
Serial number
Standard 5 Jazz
Cherry Sunburst
Exceptional 9.5/10
8.2 lbs

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1998 Sadowsky Standard 5 string Jazz Bass in exceptional condition. Cherry Sunburst finish, Swamp Ash body with quilted maple figured top. Weight: 8.2 lbs. Serial Number: 2775. Original case included. The only wear to speak of is a small area of light scuffs/buckle rash back contour. Other than that this 5 string is in exceptional condition.

The electronics have been upgraded to include the VTC knob ( Vintage Tone Control ) and stacked treble/bass control knobs.The VTC knob bypasses the original active/passive mini-switch and has been disconnected. Pulling the VTC knob up switches the bass to passive and allows the VTC to be used. The treble/bass knob is cut off. Pusing the VTC knob down switches on the active circuit and the treble/bass knob can then be used.

It has been fully set up by my technician Chris Ward. The neck is slim in profile, the width at the nut is 1 & 7/8", at the 12th its: 2& 11/16". Depth at nut: 7/8" and at the 12th it's 15/16".

The string spacing from B to G at the bridge is 3" at the top nut it's 1 & 1/2". There is 3/4 of an inch string to string. ( from the centre of each string) Which is the same as a regular 4 string.