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B15 NF Portaflex
Blue Check Tolex
Good 7.75/10

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This 1967 Ampeg B15-NF is in good condition overall but does have some minor damage to the wooden trim that houses the metal frame of the amplifier. The B15NF is a single baffled 30W amp with 15" speaker. It's all originally other than the speaker and tubes.

Most of the tolex is clean with only a few tears/ bumps and scrapes. The grill cloth isclean with mo tears. You can see featured, the light up logo the chrome Ampeg logo on the front of the cab and the dolly. The latches work as they should with no issues. Most importantly of all the sound is fantastic. This amp wont disappoint in terms of sound or looks. The amp kicks out 30 Watts RMS and comes supplied with a step down transformer.

The B15 was introduced in 1960. Much like all of Ampeg’s amps, the B-15 underwent constant change, and the B-15 was replaced by the B-15N in 1961. In 1962, Ampeg updated the B-15N with a solid-state rectifier called the B-15NB and introduced their famous “blue check” vinyl covering to their entire amp line. Ampeg went back to a tube rectifier and changed to a printed circuit board in 1964 (B-15NC). This model lasted until mid 1965, when they introduced the B-15NF with fixed bias tubes and a single-baffle cabinet. Fully serviced with a 3 month warranty. Don't miss out on getting that cool Motown sound.