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9.6 lbs

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1974 Gibson EB3 bass guitar in good condition and all original, including the case. White finish. Serial number: 964968. Weight:9.6 lbs. I've listed it as a 74 because although the serial indicates 70-72 the pots are from early 74 suggesting this bass wasn't put together until 74. Having said that, shipping figures for Gibson don't show any White EB3's leaving the factory in 74. According to figures White EB3's didn't leave the factory until 76, and only 10 left that year. A total of only 69 White EB3's are recorded during the 70s so this bass is quite rare. I guess it depends on at what point you date the bass.

This Gibson is a great player. The frets are in excellent shape, the neck is straight with no breaks or issues. There's a small screw hole that's now filled on the back of the upper horn where someone had added a strap button. The White finish is in most areas now a darker cream colour. The headstock has a couple of small dings and scrapes. There's a small chip to the finish on the back of the neck up around fret 3. The truss rod has plenty of room to move. All electronics and hardware are in good working order. The action is set nice and low. Fully set up and checked over by my technician and restrung with a fresh set of Elites Player series strings. ( Nickel wound) Neck dimensions: Width: 1 & 7/8" at the nut , 2 & 3/16" at the 12th. Depth: 13/16ths at the nut and 1 & 3/16" at the 12th.

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