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Good 7.75/10
OHSC (damaged)

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**SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD** / / / / / / / / / / 1968 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins Nashville guitar, Serial No. 38265. Commission sale on behalf of Barrie Cadogan - Little Barrie / Primal Scream. Superb guitar to play. Does have a neck repair& considerable wear / deterioration to the binding. But despite that its in great shape. Heres Barries description

- - - - Since owning the guitar I have used it both live and in the studio with Primal Scream and Little Barrie as well as recording sessions with other artists.

The Gretsch did sustain some neck damage during the load out after Primal Screams second Screamdelica show at Kensington Olympia on 27th November 2010. A flight case fell onto the original case damaging it heavily. The guitar itself suffered neck damage and had to be repaired, which involved the neck binding being replaced along with the frets. The repair work is superb and almost invisible. The new frets are a Gibson 335 type wire which actually makes the guitar more playable than before the damage happened. Many musicians automatically refret Gretsch guitars as the original factory fret jobs were generally poor and limit playability.

I used to remove the pickguard when I used the guitar as it enabled me to reach under the Bigsby arm more easliy. It has now been put back on. I also swapped the old floating bar bridge for the a floating Gibson Tunomatic style for better intonation and further playability. Both bridges are included here.

There is footage of me playing it with Primal Scream during the song Loaded at the Kensington Olympia show on 26th November 2010. This concert was filmed and released as the DVD Screamadelica Live in 2011.

- - - Heres a clip:


The guitar features more clearly in the Little Barrie video for Surf Hell: