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Excellent / near mint 9.25/10
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**SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD** ./ . . . . . 1981 G&L L1000, left handed , natural finish excellent condition. The serial B006911 indicates 1980 but as the pot\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s date 81 I have listed this as a 1981 G&L. This bass is in excellent condition/near mint condition with no visible dings or buckle rash. Only a few areas where the finish lacquer has began to check. The metal work has light oxidisation. All electronics and hardware are in good working order. The frets show very little wear. This is an awesome sounding bass with tons of passive output . The L1000 has one large humbucking pickup & passive electronics. Often refered to as Leo Fenders atempt at the ultimate P-Bass. ( G&L was leo Fenders company) Tonally the electronics offer great flexibility. The humbucker offers massive output. 1 volume and separate bass and treble dials. The switch offers single coil mode / humbucking (or parallel) position you get closer to the split coil sound. The last position is often referred to as bass boost mode, series w/ bass boost, Its actually series wiring with a cap that sucks some of the treble out of one of the coils (increased output + decreased treble = bass boost) This bass has been fully set up by my technician with a fresh set of Elites Stadium series stainless steel strings. Weight: 9.1 lbs. Nut width: 1.677 inches.