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Very Good 8.25/10
Flight case

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1960 Hofner 500/1 President Bass with toaster pickups. Serial 566. All round great condition, the body has a few minor dings & the back of the neck shows a little wear but nothing serious for a 53 year old bass. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Stu Sutcliffe’, and although this model is slightly later than his, the pickups are in the same position. It has a fuller tone than the Violin Bass having a much bigger body. This President has a natural or Blonde finish which is rarer than the darker burst model. At some point it would appear an extra pickup was added as there are screw holes in the body. Also on the headstock there is a plugged hole, which looks like someone had added a tuner. Why someone would want to turn this beautiful bass into a 5 string is beyond me but hey ho ! The pots have been replaced. The binding is intact, the frets are good and the electronics work as they should. The neck is straight and there is plenty of room in the truss rod. The bass is fully set up and plays great.