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Black refinish
Very Good 8.25/10
HSC (non original)

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1983 Music Man Stingray bass in very good condition. Refinished in Black with a maple neck & fretboard. Great neck and classic pre EB Stingray tone. Smooth to play. All hardware and electronics are in good working order. Minor dings and scratches to the finish where I had to remove stickers form the back of the body. The neck and headstock are very clean. The neck is straight. The serial dates 1979 but everything else on this bass points to 83 ( Two pots date 83 and one 80). Ive checked the serial number on Musicmnan.org and the 1st owner says he or she bought this as new in 83. The bridge and therefore serial number could well be from old stock. ( also it's a strung through body once more indicating old stock) No issues, all electronics and hardware are in good working order. Comes in a non original hard shell case.

Designed by Leo Fender, Tom Walker and Sterling Ball , the StingRay bass appeared in 1976 and was a highly innovative instrument. It employed a soapbar humbucking pickup and an active pre-amp powered by a 9-volt battery. The early versions had 2-band EQ (i.e., bass and treble controls) These early Stingrays also had through body stringing. This bass is ideal for a collector or player.