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Custom Mark 1
Excellent 9/10

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1982 Wal Custom “Mark 1” 4 String Bass – Left-Handed

Serial number P.B. 1798. Weight:9lb 13oz.

This bass is what is now referred to as a Wal Mark 1 bass that started being manufactured in 1980. The same model used by such luminaries as John Entwistle, Geddy Lee and Alan Spenner. The body is made with Wenge wood facings (sourced from Central Africa) and the core is Brazilian mahogany. Fingerboard is Indian rosewood. Manufactured in October 1982 and had a single owner. Body is in very good shape, with some wear near top of rear pickup guard and some buckle rash on the back of the body. Neck is straight frets in very good condition and truss rod works as it should. A few minor dings in the body and some small scratches on the tip of the head stock. The bridge is mechanically sound, with some paint wear in a couple of spots.

Electronic all work as they should. Has Wal flat response, humbucking pick-ups that contain individual matched pick-ups for each string, thus eliminating imbalances, crosstalk and intermodulation. Has a built-in balanced XLR DI and a standard ¼ “jack output for amplifier feed. Volume control also has a pull to actuate pick-attack switch, a pickup balance pan pot, and tone controls that operate electronic, low pass filters whose roll-off frequencies vary with the position of the control. A number of screws missing from back plate, but it fits snugly in place with the remaining two. Inside of back plate has handwritten materials list, signed by Ian Waller (Wal) himself.