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Navy random flare
Very Good 8.25/10

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**SOLD****SOLD**This is a highly rare 1960 Ampeg A15 flip Portaflex amp. The A15 was the first patented design from the late & great Jess Oliver. It was released in 1960 alongside the B15. Although the A15 was marketed as an accordion amplifier it is exactly the same as the B15.(Note that the chassis is labelled A15 but the Ampeg sticker inside the cab says B15.) **From the pages of Ampeg the story behind the sound** -- **The A15 and B15 were the exact same amp, but the A15 was marketed as an accordion amp. By the end of 1960, the A15 designation was dropped and the B15 became the B15N. The A15/B15 was a two channel amp with a volume control for each channel and a single set of shared Baxandall type bass and treble tone controls. The circuit was relatively simple and included a 5U4G rectifier tube, a 6SL7 pre amp tube for each channel, a 6SL7 phase inverter, and a pair of cathode biased 6L6GC power tubes. The amp is good for about 25 watts of undistorted power.** The tubes and speaker have been replaced. The replacement speaker is a modern Jenson direct replacement. This amp has been fully service and comes with a 3 month warranty. The random navy flare tolex is in remarkably good condition. The amp is sounding excellent after its service. Supplied with a step down transformer.