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Music Man
Good 7.75/10
HSC *non original*

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**SOLD****SOLD**Vintage 1979 Musicman Stingray. Sunburst finish, Maple neck & fretboard. 2 band EQ and through body stringing. Serial: B016076. The neck is straight and plays smoothly. The body date is barely visible but appears to end in 78 , the neck date is March 6th 1979. 2 pots date 78 & 1 dates 79. The body shows a fair amount of play wear.( All cosmetic, no structural issues) Mainly dings and scuff marks around the edges of the body. There is also some buckle rash on the back. The neck is clean and straight, the fretboard shows some lacquer wear however the frets are in great shape. The string mutes are missing. The truss rod is fully working with plenty of room to move. The action is set nice and low. The playability is fast & smooth and the sound is fantastic. Everything you would expect from pre Ernie Ball Stingray. This bass comes in a non original hard case.