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B15N Portaflex
Black Tolex
Exceptional + 9.25/10

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1974 Ampeg B15N in exceptional condition and fully serviced with a 3 month warranty. Serial number:72814. 50 watt tube Bass Guitar Amplifier. This is one rare breed of bass amplifier that deserves to be played and is collectible at the same time.The amp has 2 Channels 1 bright and 1 normal input on each channel. Each channel has volume / bass / treble & 2 rocker switches for hi and low boost / cut.

Original CTS speaker. The latches are in good working order . The valves are all original USA made by Magnavox. The power cord has a 3 pin plug. The the grill cloth is clean and intact. The tolex is extremely clean. The chassis has no rust and is also remarkably clean.

Supplied with a Maplins step down transformer. Fully serviced by my amp technician. During the service my tech removed the earthing Cap which is often referred to as the death cap to make it safe. The earth wire is then soldered to the chassis. He noted that everything else is original and complete.