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Red tolex
Good 8/10
9 kg

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1966 Supro S6422TR Tremo-Verb in good condition and perfect playing order, with 3 months warranty having been fully serviced by our in house tech. This is a 5 watt amp and is Loaded with a single 10" Jensen C10R speaker that dates to the 3rd week of 1966. Six tube chassis, preamp: 4 X 12AX7, power: 1 X 6U6, rectifier: 5Y3GT, single channel, reverb, tremolo, top control panel, three inputs. It has tube-driven tremolo, a luscious and spacious reverb, and a ton of vintage mojo. The Red tolex has a few marks and scuffs, the control panel shows a fair amount of oxidisation and the Supro logo is missing from the grill cloth. The grill cloth is very clean and looks like it may have been replaced. It weighs: 9kg. 19" wide, 14.5 " tall and 8" deep at the widest point. New step down transformer and dual foot-switch included.

My tech has fitted a 3 pin power cord and removed the "death cap". During the service my tech noted the following replaced parts / changes: New MOD Reverb tank. Trem circuit was added to include intensity control in the place of the footswitch socket/ footswitch input on reverb was modified to accept dual footswitch (reverb/trem on/off) Replaced handle. Original speaker, pots and transformers. Possibly new grill cloth. The tubes appear to be all USA made NOS.