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Serial number
Brown Tolex
Excellent 8.75/10
11.5 kg

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1963 Fender Princeton in excellent condition, supplied with a new foot-switch and step down transformer. 12W, 1-10 inch speaker, tube chassis, preamp: 7025, 12AX7, power: 2 X 6V6, 5Y3 rectifier, tremolo, front brownface control panel, two input jacks, four brown knobs (v, t, s, i), ground switch on back, completely new design from earlier Princeton, brown tolex covering, light brown grille cloth.

Fully serviced with a 3 month warranty. During the service the following was noted or changed. 2 pots date to mid/late 62 and two to early 63. The transformers are from different years. The output transformer is original and dates to 1962. The power transformer has been replaced by one from 1966. It's the correct Fender unit though.Non original tubes. Changed speaker. The new speaker is a Celestion G10 Vintage, 80th anniversary spacial edition. There is a new can cap (this has 4 filter caps in it) There is a new resistor in the power supply and bias supply. It also looks like the bias supply cap has been changed and put back in the cardboard sleeve of the original. 3 pin power chord added. Death cap has now been removed.