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Serial number
A02767 / Tube chart: OE
Vibro Champ
Black Tolex
Excellent 8.75/10
8 kg
995 **SOLD**

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1965 Fender Vibro Champ Blackface in excellent condition. Pre CBS specs ( No logo grill, Fender Musical Instruments) 8" speaker, 4 watts. Tube chart is coded OE, dating to May of 1965. Serial:A02767. The transformers are coded 606-5-13 and 606-5-14 dating to the 13th and 14th week of 1965. The pots date 137-6436 & 305-6502. The amp sound fantastic and is very clean.There are very few marks to the tolex and the grill cloth is in great shape. A brand new footswitch for the vibrato is supplied.

This amp is fully serviced by our amp tech and comes with a step down transformer and a 3 moth warranty. During the service our tech noted: changed jewel light, can filter cap, cathode bypass cap, power valve cathode resister, input jack sockets and it has a new Jenson Speaker. Also the "death cap" has been removed and a mains socket added.