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Excellent 8.85/10
8 lbs 8.5oz

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1975 Gibson Ripper Bass, Natural finish, original case included. Serial:205767. Weight: 8lbs 8.5oz. Nut width: 1.669" / 42.4mm. The pots date to 1975.

The Ripper was designed by Bill Lawrence who was working for Gibson at the time. The contoured body edges vaguely echo the SG, its offset horns were clearly reminiscent of other popular makes. It has a set neck and through body stringing allowing for greater sustain and this bass definitely has that, along with a superb tone.

The body has a few small nicks and dings in the finish but overall it's extremely clean. The neck is straight and the truss rod works as it should. The frets show very little wear and are in good shape having been cleaned and polished by my tech. Some of the solder and wiring needed some attention as it was wired up incorrectly. My tech has replaced the tone capacitors and a couple of the wires on the pots harness. The E string tuner ferule is missing. This bass has been fully set up by my technician with a fresh set of strings. Come and try it out at my showroom in Hoxton London.

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