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Oliver Sound
Serial number
Powerflex 502
Black Tolex
Very Good 8.5/10

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*Was £1,995 Now £1,750*

1968 Oliver Powerflex 502 with 15" speaker. Very rare indeed. Very good condition and fully serviced. It features a motorised head unit that raises out of the cab at the flick of a switch. I have date the amp 1968 because the transformers date to that year. The tolex has a few small bumps and scrapes but nothing major. The grill cloth is in excellent condition. One side handle is missing. These amps don't appear for sale very often. The 502 model has 2 channels, the first having controls for volume, treble and bass, the second including reverb,midrange and Ultra-High.

Made by Jess Oliver who played a major role in the success of Ampeg and designed the famous B15 portaflex. Oliver Sound Company, Inc. is to Ampeg what MusicMan and Randall are to Fender. Shortly after the 1966 NAMM show, Oliver left the Ampeg company and started one of his own, teaming up with Harry Bloom, whose name appears under his on the Baby Bass patent (along with Ampeg founder Everett Hull).

The Powerflex took a Jetsons-like approach to the Porta-Flex offered store owners a modern alternative to the popular Ampegs, with internally connected speaker cables and a light up control panel, which was a step up from just the light up logo on the Ampeg portaflex. Oliver’s initial offering introduced the amazing Powerflex Series to the world, featuring “…the patented telescoping amplifier unit which automatically elevates the amplifier section out of the speaker enclosure.”

Fully serviced by my technician with a 3 month warranty. Supplied with a Maplins step down transformer. During the service my technician noted the following: All tubes replaced. Most of the pots are replaced. Those that are original date to 1967, both original transformers date to 1968. Several new electrolyte caps and coupling caps. The speaker code is 328301. Made by Utah (328 is the code for Utah speakers) and dating it to the 28th week of 1973.

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