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Treble & Bass
Black Tolex
Excellent 8.75/10

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1966 Selmer Treble & Bass 50 head in excellent condition with 2x12 cab. The head appears to be all original including the Mullard valves. The cab appears to have been restored from the ground up, recovered and new grill cloth. The speakers are 30W ceramic Goodmans 12" made for Selmer. The head comes with the original cover.

The T'n'B 50 was probably the longest-running Selmer amplifier in production, from the early 60's to the late 70's, and certainly it sold very well as many are still around and in use today. The Mk II version followed the croc-skin models, and changes were largely cosmetic. Cabinet covering was changed to black vinyl, the front being covered in a very attractive white/blue on black patterned grillcloth similar to designs used by WEM and Vox at that time, with a large light-blue Selmer logo. Handle is leather with Vox-type mounting brackets, and vent grilles are no longer used as ventilation to the back is improved. Normal and Bass channel each have 2 inputs and controls for volume, treble and bass, and an on/off switch and pilot light are provided. On the rear of the chassis are voltage selector, 2 slo-blo fuses and 15 & 7.5 ohm speaker output sockets. The valves are ECC83 (3), EL34 (2), GZ34 (1). At this stage, it would appear that 1 x ECC83 was dropped; previous versions had four.

This simple, functional and reliable amplifier occupies sonic territory somewhere between Vox and Marshall and can emulate both, probably the reason for it's popularity. Fully serviced with a 3 month warranty.