1979 RICKENBACKER 4001 - AUTUMNGLO / Make an enquiry

Serial number
SF 2756
Excellent 8.9/10
9 lbs 8 oz
HSC (non original)

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1979 Rickenbacker 4001, Autumnglo finish, non original case. The action on this one is like butter and nice and low allowing for quick and smooth movement up and down the neck.

Very little play wear with no visible buckle rash. There is a decent sized ding to the edge of the body on the back that has had the finish touched up. There is also a small patch of finish missing on the tip of the headstock. The truss rods work as they should. The action is set nice and low. The frets are in great shape. The string mute sponge is new and shows little sign of use.

All electronics and hardware are in good working order with no issues. There is a push/pull pot in place of the original treble tone pot which acts as an on/off for the capacitor. (effectively soaking the bass frequency from the back pickup - the original pot is included in the case) The Pickups, 3 remaining pots and hardware are all original. The pots date 78, the serial dates the production to June 79. All in all this Rickenbacker plays & sounds great. This bass is ideal for a collector or player. Fully set up by my with a great playing action. Weight 9lbs 8oz. Serial number: SF-2756.