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Music Man
Serial number
212 HD 130
Black Tolex
Exceptional 9.25/10
30 KG

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1977 Music Man 212 HD 130 twin reverb in exceptional condition. Original foot switch included. One changed speaker. and new tubes, otherwise original. Fully serviced by our technician.

HD stands for heavy Duty, 130 for 130 Watts from four 6CA7 tubes (could be switched to low power), and 212 for two 12″-Speakers.

The HD 130 212 has two independent, non switchable channels. Both channels have two input jacks (labelled 1 and 2), with 2 being less sensitive so that high gain instruments (e.g. keyboards) could be plugged in without distorting the first gain stage. Next to the input we find a Bright switch that works similar to the one on Fender amps: a small capacitor partially overrides the volume pot with the effect that the more treble is boosted the lower the volume pot is set at almost 10 the switch has zero effect while at 1 it is strongest. Next is the Volume control, and three tone controls (Treble, Mid, Bass). The whole circuit looks identical to a Twin Reverb, but internally the values of the tone capacitors and resistors are different.