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Serial number
Klipp 100
Black Tolex
Excellent 8.75/10
18.6 Kg

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Early '70s Laney Klipp 100 watt amp. This is a rare guitar amp in excellent condition, with very little wear and tear. This was a model used by Black Sabbath in the early '70s.

The Laney clean channel is up there with a Marshal for its sweet tone. The second separate channel is the Klipp channel. This is when things get interesting ! It produces a dirty and dark distortion that is simply wonderful with a Guitar or a Bass running through it. Both channels have a top boost switch.

This amp uses 4 EL34s with 4 preamp valves and produces a huge sound. This Klipp has the original Partridge transformers. It can be run at 4, 8 or 16 ohms. Its in full working order without issue having been fully serviced by our amp tech. During the service the following changes were noted: filter caps in the pre amp section, coupling caps, electrolyte cathode bypass cap. The back panel has been changed and the logo on the front has been switched to the upright position.