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Music Man
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Excellent 9/10
9 lbs 8 oz

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1978 Musicman Stingray, Black finish with a Maple neck & fretboard. Equipped with a 2 band EQ and through body stringing. The neck is straight and plays smoothly. All original with untouched solder and original case. The only thing missing is the string mute sponge. ( this can easily be replaced if needed). This bass comes with the much sought after black epoxy pre amp.

This is an all round excellent bass, the sound is warm and punchy. The neck is nice and slim. The truss rod is fully working with plenty of room to move. The action is set nice and low. The bass is very clean with only a few light blemishes and a small chip in the finish on the back of the lower horn.

It's been fully set up by my technician with a low action allowing for superb playability up and down the neck. The serial number is : B009089. It's nice and light for a Stingray weighing : 9lbs 8oz. The body dates Oct 1978, the neck Nov 1978. Two pots date to 78, one pot dates 77. Nut Width: 1.648" / depth:0.793". Width at 12th: 2.186" / depth: 0.957"

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Recorded in logic, with as little processing as possible to put across the true sound of the instrument. Use headphones for optimal sound quality