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Music Man
Serial number
Fair 7.25/10
10lbs 4oz
HSC ( G&L)

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1979 Music Man Stingray Bass. Original Walnut finish with a maple neck & fretboard. All original and stock other than the case and missing mute sponge( the mute mechanism is included but not currently fixed to the bass.) Great neck and classic pre EB Stingray tone. The neck is straight & smooth to play. All hardware and electronics are in good working order.

There's play wear, buckle rash, dings and scratches to the finish, as can be seen in the pictures. The neck shows some play wear on the back and lots of play wear on the fretboard. The neck & body date to March 1979. The volume pot has been changed, the treble pot dates to the 41st week of 1978, the bass pot to the 4th week of 79. It comes in a G&L case which shows quite a bit of with some missing plastic from the underside edge.The frets show wear but have plenty of life left in them.

Fully set up by my technician with a low action. Weight: 10lbs 4oz. Serial: B014636. Neck width at nut: 1.660" . At the 12th: 2.205". Depth at nut: 0.798". At the 12th: 0.969".

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Recorded in logic, with as little processing as possible to put across the true sound of the instrument. Use headphones for optimal sound quality