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Serial number
DR103 Head & SE4122 Cab
Black Tolex
Excellent 8.75/10

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1970 Hiwatt DR103 Custom 100 valve amp built by Hiwatt founder and designer Dave Reeves in his New Malden garage. There are a few small nicks and scratches in the tolex but overall the amp is in fantastic condition. The serial number is: 1394. This head has an original four input, early circuit design - and appears to show all original components. This amp has been fully serviced and is ready to go.

Similar to the Marshall Super Lead’s four-input design, the Hiwatt DR103 also features four inputs for both "normal" and "brilliant" channels, with preamp levels available for both. The channels can also be linked together like a Marshall, but it is important to note that the higher-output channel inputs on the Hiwatt are the ones located on the bottom, while the lower gain inputs are on the top. This applies for both the "brilliant" and "normal" channels. This is backward from Marshall’s design. It is also important to recognize that both the Marshall Super Lead as well as the Hiwatt DR103, while both called "dual channel" designs, are not the same as today’s channel-switching amplifiers. Two independent channels were built into these amps and could be used either one at a time or both at the same time.

The Hiwatt DR103 design is also based around the use of four EL-34 power tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes. The transformers are set up so that the amp can be used with various line voltages around the world and speaker impedance can also be set to 4, 8, or 16 ohms with two speaker outputs wired in parallel.