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Dan Armstrong
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Good 8/10
7 lbs 8.5oz

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1974 Dan Armstrong London Guitar, model 341. Good condition, These instruments feature solid mahogany bodies and necks. The bodies and necks were built by Ian Halsey, a carpenter & cabinet maker by trade that Dan had contracted to build these instruments. Many parts were contracted out for these instruments.

The body shapes are remarkably similar to the clear acrylic models Dan produced with Ampeg some years earlier, as is the scratchplate and the volume/tone knob placement. The scratchplate is anodized aluminum which is very durable, easy to remove for servicing and does an excellent service shielding the electronics.

Other features are a combination bridge and tailpiece with a cast aluminum bridge, which is fully adjustable and visually, is somewhat reminscent of the 50's style Gibson® 'wrap-around' tailpiece. But this is where the similarity ends, for the bridge on these instruments are connected to an aluminum ramp that runs from the front of the bridge - to the end of the neck/fingerboard.

The instruments were produced in a factory in St. Albans which is an urban area in southern Hertfordshire, England. Not surprisingly, these instruments were called the Dan Armstrong 'London' series instruments - not only because of the close proximity to London - but also to help differentiate them from the clear acrylic Dan Armstrong instruments made by Ampeg some years earlier.