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Serial number
S-66HM 9929H22
Excellent 8.75/10
5lbs 15.5oz
NEW Hagstrom

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Fantastic 1966 Harmony H22 single cut away hollow body bass in very good condition. Original 2 tone sunburst finish. There's a fair amount of wear around the jack socket where the bass has taken a knock. Otherwise, there are very few dings, it has a straight neck and is all original except the case which is brand new from Hagstrom. This bass plays and sounds great. For all you Small Faces fans it's worth knowing that this model was used by Ronnie Lane early on in the Small Faces career. According to the info I can find online he used this model to record Itchycoo Park!

This bass has been fully set up by my technician. The neck is straight and the action is medium to low allowing for a smooth transition up and down the neck. The tone is fantastic. With the baritone switch activated the sound is huge. This bass is all original. The pickup is stamped March 22nd, 1966. The pots date top the 10th week of 66. Inside the F hole, there is a Green stamp which reads S-66HM 9929H22. (I believe the first part denotes Sunburst 1966 Harmony) The weight is 5lbs 15.5oz. Nut width:1.775". Pickup: 9.29 Kohms.